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Mastering Engineer

Toshi Tsuruoka

"Organic and larger than life."

Toshi began interning at studios in New York (Masterdisk, Alchemy Post Sound, etc.). He now resides in Tokyo and is a mastering engineer at the infamous Saidera Mastering studio while operating Ecotone Lab.

He also works at KORG Inc. 

Toshi Tsuruoka Ecotone Lab Mastering


Apple Music


Ecotone Lab Toshi Tsuruoka

Mastering and Immersive Audio

Let's dive into immersive audio.

Specializing in headphone translation of

Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio.

Ecotone Lab Mastering Tokyo

Located in Tokyo

Get your tracks mastered in the heart of Japan. You've worked hard enough...

At least give your tracks a short vacation trip to Tokyo!


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