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High Quality - Low Cost


Dolby Atmos and 360 Reality Audio

If you are interested in releasing your music in an immersive audio format, you've come to the right place! At Ecotone Lab, we take your stems from a stereo mix and up-mix them into an immersive audio format at high quality and low cost.

Steps :

1. Export your stems

2. Submit stereo mix as a reference

3. Tell us about your music!

High Quality :

We apply all of our mastering experience and skills in order to create immersive renditions of your songs that translate well on binaural headphone listening. No preset or automatic process, our engineer Toshi takes each song with care and attention.

Low Cost :

From our extensive experience in immersive audio, we know that having too many tracks is often disadvantageous. (read more →) That's why we ask for up to 16 ch of stems to minimize quality loss. This also cuts down studio time, hence low cost up-mixing is made possible at Ecotone Lab without sacrificing quality!



Low cost and fast turn-around

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